Video: Rav Brog On Viewing Current Events


rav-yisroel-brogRav Yisroel Brog presents insights on how a Jew must view current world events.




  1. As always, the Rebbe speaks emmesdika Torah hashkafa.
    One can listen live on Kol Halashon every Sunday thru Thursday starting approx: 3:05 pm. One can always listen on the Kol Halashon archives as follows. 718-906-6410 – press 1 for chumash, 18 for Rabbi Brog, 1 for daily parsha topics, and then 1 again for current Shiurim. There are currently 677 shiurim on file!
    HKB”H should continue to grant the Rebbe, arichas yomim vishonim mitoch brias hanefesh ubrias haguf to enable him to disseminate Hashems word throughout the world.


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