Video: Rav Chaim Kanievsky on Molester: “Logically, He Should Be Reported to Police”


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  1. There you have it. A psak brurah that we can go straight to the police to report molestation and one is not considered a moser.
    We no longer can push things off and say how can we be moser on another Jew.

  2. very lukewarm endorsement , nothing the pro police advocates can really use ” misvara” if it will be matzil others now if someone had the issue 20 years ago does that mean he still poses a real risk or a small risk?

  3. @2 you should read on the statistics about molesters being “reformed” or “cured” or stopping themselves after they have assaulted someone.

    Let’s just say that it is not very likely that it has been 20 years since they hurt someone

  4. Reb Chaim aid it straight forwqrd and very clearly. “Yes” go to the police and protect other children. We do not have to dig deep into his words. G-d forbid a child is molested, go staright to the police. Period.


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