Video: Rav Chaim Stein Addresses Birchas Chaim Reception


rav-chaim-stein[Video below.] Last night, Rav Chaim Stein, the Telsher rosh yeshiva and the zekan roshei yeshivos in the United States, was the special guest speaker at a reception for Yeshiva Birchas Chaim of Lakewood, which is headed by his son, Rav Shmuel Zalman Stein. The gathering was held at the home of R’ Mordechai Schron and attended by numerous rabbonim, including Rav Aryeh Malkiel Kotler and Rav Yeruchem Olshin, roshei yeshiva of Beth Medrash Govoah. Opening remarks were delivered by Rav Shmuel Zalman Stein and divrei bracha were given by Rav Kotler. Then, Rav Chaim Stein shared divrei chizuk and words of hisorerus to the packed crowd, as all eyes were glued to the nonagenarian rosh yeshiva as he imparted timeless words of Torah and hashkafa.

The following video contains clips of the drashos delivered last night. Click below to watch.


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  1. Correct Dikduk would make it “Birkas Chaim” (not “Birchas Chaim”). Equally, it is Birkas HaMazon and Birkas HaChamah.

  2. yasher koach!!
    wonderful to hear the rosh hayeshiva speak from his pure heart. while one loves to hear from him brochos, his mussar is so much sweeter. may hashem bless him with arichas yomim


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