Video: Reb Eli Scheller’s Two Minutes on the Parsha


eli-scheller[Video below.] The following exclusive weekly feature, Eli Scheller’s Two Minutes on the Parsha, is back! With an original approach and unique videography, Eli Shares a machshavah on the parsha that will make one think and analyze.

Originally from New York, Rabbi Eli Scheller has spent a significant amount of time in Israel, training as an outreach professional, lecturing and leading Shabbatons. Rabbi Eli’s keen understanding and appreciation of people, and penchant for music, led him to spearhead an organization of repute to inspire teens at risk. After earning his rabbinical ordination from Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, Rabbi Eli moved to Los Angeles, where he shared the melody of Torah-living with many students, Hollywood admirers and celebrities. His love for people infuses an unforgettable dimension into his encounters, which inspires men and women across the Jewish spectrum.

Currently, Rabbi Eli resides in Baltimore, with his wife, Chavie, and their three kids, where he teaches and inspires Jews through his program, J-BAL, a division of Etz Chaim.

Click below to watch his vort on Parshas Beshalach:

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  1. I feel that is why a zivug is compared to krias yom suf (Sota bais amud alef) because people don’t realize that it is the Ribono Shel Olam who is orchestrating everything, the zivug,rather it appears it is teva (nature) i.e., the shadchan or circumstances on how the couple met. We must see beyond the “ruach kadim”
    That is the Ribono Shel Olam’s mehalach, his miricles are cloaked in what appears to be teva , nature. See also Chinuch, mitzvah 132, why is there a mitzvah to bring fire on the mizbayach, if there is a heavenly fire there already? So to disguise this open miracle, He doesn’t have to show off. The chinuch calls it the “gadlus hanosain and shiflus hamikabail”. And yes, our avoda is to recognize that its all from him.


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