Powerful Video – Reb Gavriel Sassoon: “Don’t Blame the World, Take Responsibility for Your Life”


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  2. No words. Just looking at this man’s face is a living mussar sefer. Impossible to hold back the tears, and the awe.

  3. such a true & powerful message.

    we all need to wake ourselves up & FACE REALITY. this is something that we lack in todays generation.

    we have a major problem in todays society (yidden or not) . & its called FACING REALITY.
    whenever tragedy strikes or theres a big issue, the person blocks it from his face & convinces himself not to apply the wake-up message to him, so that we can just continue our fancy & happy lavish life.

    first WE ALL need to admit to ourselves that i have a issue/problem here, then we need to work on solving it. BUT %80 of solving it, is each person admitting to the problems he has.

    Hatzlacha to everyone


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