Video: Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz On Oorahthon 2014, Makes Generous Donation


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  1. most bochurim go away to yeshiva for high school. they don’t live home, as part of a functioning family for many years. and then we expect th3em to know how to be husbands at age 20?! does maturity play any part in getting married?

  2. It is totally unfair to place this burden on 20 year olds! 20-23 years old are the best years in a bochur’s life-when he has the maturity to learn and does not yet have the burden of a wife and family. It also is the time he can focus on learning a skill to support their future family. Depriving them of this because of the alleged ‘shidduch crisis’ is unfair and irresponsible. I believe these boys will have tremendous resentment when they find themselves 23 and expecting their third kid.


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