Video Shows Attempt to Save NYPD Cops



A video of the aftermath following the ambush of two NYPD officers shows the chaotic attempts to save the cops. Nearly two dozen EMTs and officers rushed to the scene to try to save Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu after Ismaaiyl Brinsley gunned them down Saturday, according to officials. The men can be seen lying on the pavement.

One witness is heard describing the EMTs at work, exclaiming “They pumpin’ him, they pumpin’ him – [expletive]!”


Another woman witnessing the chaos says, “Well, how they do that? They shot both of them, they shot both of them!” She is also heard saying the killer “had to come from both sides” to get each cop, before adding “This is crazy, this is crazy.” Read more at New York Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Do they really need 3 police motorcycles and 14 police cars to follow the ambulance???? Once more, we see what the police mentality is.

  2. Dear truth yes they needed all that protection
    what would have happened if the rioters grabbed the vehicle they were in and took the dead bodies and burned them and the vehicle or what ever, and then what would you have said?

  3. Hey Truth Time what is your problem? They were concerned for two of their own. If you ever need the police to save your sorry hide I bet you won’t complain about their mentality.


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