Video: Southern Israel Resident Protests Gaza Rockets With ‘Manure Bucket Challenge’


manure-bucket-challengeAn Israeli living close to the Gaza Strip, has posted a YouTube video expressing his frustration over the seeming inability of the Israeli government to end 14 years of rocket fire from the coastal enclave, in a noxious parody of the famed ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

“I want to raise awareness for the residents of the Gaza-envelope area,” Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak resident Sa’ar Altman said in the video, standing in the community’s cowsheds – just before he signaled to a backhoe behind him to dump a shovel’s worth of soaked cow manure all over him.

“I challenge ‘Bibi’ [Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu], [Foreign Minister Avigdor] Lieberman and [Economy Minister Naftali] Bennett, who think that we can use force to solve the problems of the south without a long-term solution. Because of this approach, we have been eating c**p for 14 years and our lives are hell!”

“Whoa – how disgusting – it’s dripping in!” he shouted after the backhoe soiled him with its muddy load.

Watch the video HERE.

Palestinian terrorists pounded Israeli towns and villages adjacent to Gaza with over a hundred Qassam rockets and mortar rounds throughout the day, and wounded three Israeli Arabs at the northern Erez Crossing, as they attempted to aid Palestinians seeking medical treatment within Israel.

“Since Hamas ended the ceasefire over 570 rockets were fired at Israel, some of them from various civilian facilities exploited by Hamas terrorists,” the IDF said in a statement on Shabbos.

“The IDF during Operation Protective Edge has revealed the systematic abuse of these facilities and registered more than 260 rockets that were launched from schools, more than 50 rockets were launched from medical facilities and more than 130 rockets were launched from cemeteries,” according to the army.

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