Video: The Last Witness from the Sobibor Death Camp


tuvia-blatt[Video below.] The following video is the story of Tuvia Blatt, the last surviving witness of the Sobibor death camp and its uprising.  Tuvia has been testifying at the trial of the notorious Ivan Demyanyuk. Demyanyuk is believed to have been involved in the murders of nearly 28,000 Jewish prisoners in the German concentration camps.

Demyanyuk, a Ukrainian by origin, during the Second World War was captivated by the Germans, underwent a course of training and then began working as a Nazi camp guard. His work was to transport the Jews to gas chambers. Demyanyuk was nicknamed “Ivan Terrible” for his cruelty. However, after the war, Demyanyuk, as a victim of the Nazi regime, managed to emmigrate to the USA and obtain US citizenship. Former prisoners of the German concentration camps identified him and he was deported to Israel, where he was sentenced to death. But then the Supreme Court of Israel overturned the treaty against Ivan Demyanyuk, ruling that insufficient proofs of his guilt were produced for the judges and that the man on trial was not Ivan Demyanyuk. Ivan Demyanuk returned to the USA, but shortly after his return, the German authorities demanded his extradition.

The following story of Tuvia is related in Yiddish.

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  1. I was wondering;

    Isn’t “Esther Raab” (Terner) from Vineland NJ, still a witness? –
    (As seen in the book “Tell the World”)


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