Video: US Congressman To Obama On Israel: “Whose Side Are You On?”

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mike-pence[Video below.] Indiana Rep. Mike Pence delivered a strong challenge to Barack Obama on the House floor Thursday morning on his handling of foreign policy, which is especially timely on the day after Obama announced a $400 million aid package for the Palestinians and held a photo session with Mahmoud Abbas – just a few weeks after deliberately refusing to hold one with Binyomin Netanyahu.

Israel offered to lift restrictions on spices and snack foods, but the Palestinians want “spare parts and electronics,” which the Israelis might well believe would have less-than-peaceful purposes. Besides, while Hamas continues to use Gaza for a launching pad and refuses to release Gilad Shalit after holding him hostage for four years, is the next move really Israel’s? Pence wonders whether Obama intends to support our ally in the region at all:

Click below to watch:

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The following is a transcript of Pence’s remarks:

“We all grieve the loss of life that occurred last week when a flotilla designed to challenge Israel’s effective blockade of Gaza ended in military confrontation. But Israel has a right to defend itself.

“The history is clear in that region; Gaza is controlled by a terrorist organization known as Hamas. Hamas used Gaza as a launching pad for thousands of rockets that killed innocent civilians in Israel. Israel responded with military force and has instituted a blockade that has saved lives in Gaza and in Israel. And there’s no humanitarian crisis. Ten thousand tons of food and medical supplies are transferred into Gaza every single week.

“Remarkably, yesterday the president said it was time for Israel to sharply limit its effective blockade in Gaza, saying ‘the situation in Gaza is unsustainable.’

“The truth is, Mr. President, your policy in Israel is unsustainable.

“The American people are on the side of Israel and Israel’s right to defend herself.

“Mr. President, whose side are you on?”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Hats off to Rep. Pence. So sad, that we [Jewish people] are thrilled to find lone voices here and there speak up the truth about Israel. Those voices show up rarely these days. I would love to know more about Mr. Pence of Indiana. I assume Obama.. did not respond.

  2. We as jews stand only with k’b it is sad to see jews thinking that america stands thet them sorry to say we stand alone

  3. Dear Number Four,

    It is time to address your comment, because it is the type of comment that appears not just on this site, but on all the Jewish websites. By all accounts Mr. Pence is a good man and pro-Israel. His question was rhetorical, a device used for emphasis to make a point.
    Your comment as well as that of other comments is read on this site as well as the other websites. So please, show some responsibility!!

    #4, apologize. You have done Klal Yisroel a disservice.

  4. Thank you Rep. Pence for speaking the truth. As for our liberal Jewish friends, it is time they woke up and realized that Obama is NOT a friend. He is the problem NOT the solution.

  5. Elmwood, what do you prefer, standing alone and being led to the gas chambers ? Or having representatives in a malchus shel chesed sticking up for Israel and the jews

  6. But keep in mind that one major factor iN Obama election was that MOST AMerican Jews are so naive to refuse to acknowledge that he is w/o question a Muslim and well documented as such. Until we as Jews (who are noted for being intellectual) get over the insanity that the Democratic party has any merit & that the real view that it is naught more than a Marxist/globalist Anti-American junta, then we will suffer the consequencies , first in Yisrael, the Europe And then here.
    Have all of you forgotten “never again” you must want it again to have backed this man. Would McCain have sold out Israel?

  7. Where are our senators and reps of New York and their loud voice in support of Israel?
    The more it will effect the pocket of OBAMA and the democrats, then and only then will there be a slight shift towards Israel. America is a Moslem country not a large percentage of Jews, so why stand with the minority?

  8. I just sent him a warm email thanking him for his support. I would strongly suggest that more readers do so as well. #9 has posted the website adress. Lets show this man that we appreciate his courage and support.

  9. To the ignorant rude comments that are certainly not beneficial to klal yisrael. Anyone can read this blog.
    Have you not heard Mordechai say to Esther HaMalkah: “Yesh lanu achos b’malchus?” ( not verbatim) Centuries later, the Vilna Gaon, Admorim and Gedolim went to capital cities of Russia and/or Poland to plea for rescinding a gezeirah ra’ah.
    Ever heard of hishtadlus? People in Tanach are mentioned in Gemara as having gotten sechar just for saying or doing one good thing for Klal Yisrael.

  10. 23. Comment from berrel
    Time June 13, 2010 at 8:56 PM

    he is ours

    That is a (political) kiss of death for Mike Pence!

  11. It’s a no-brainer. Mr. Obama is President of the United States. He is on the side of the United States. He is sworn to do what is right for the United States and not to sacrifice its interests for any other state.

    Instead of jumping up and down and screaming, why not explain why supporting Israel is in the best interests of the United States? There are over 300 million Americans, and only around five million are Jews. Remember that, all you who live in the tri-state area. Most Americans live elsewhere, and they are much more concerned about the economy, the oil spill, and other issues. Nobody owes us anything. We have to prove why backing Israel is a good idea for America.

  12. Statistically-85% of America believes in G-d, and worships him according to their faith. If any of us sopport Obama in this decision, they have made a mistake.


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