Video: Yaakov Shwekey & Boruch Levine Dedicate Song to Child


shwekey1Just over two weeks ago there was an accident involving a two year old boy from Clifton, NJ. He was crushed by a car and still struggles for health and life. On Sunday night, there was a concert by Yaakov Shwekey in Queens, NY, and he spoke about the story and sang a special song for the child.

Please daven for a Refuah Shlaima for Refoel Yoel Ozer Ben Chana Malka.

Here is the latest update from Yoel’s mother:

“We are in the hospital with Yoel. They are slowly taking him off the sedation. He began moving his hands and toes. He tries to make sounds with his mouth. The doctor is hopeful but we have a long road ahead. He needs 6-12 months of being in a special pediatric rehab hospital. He will need surgeries to fix the crack in his skull and his face bones are in a hundred pieces. We just hope that everyone can Daven for him. I also wanted to know if you could pass along the Tzdaka that is near and dear to our family The Special Children’s Center. If anyone would like to give Tzdaka for Refoel Yoel Ozer to have a full Refuah, we would be so happy. Please see their website or mail to SCC 1400 Prospect Street – Lakewood, NJ 08701. Please put on memo of check for Refuah for Refoel Yoel Ozer.

“Thank you so much, everyone! We are taking it one hour at a time.


CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO of Yaakov Shwekey and Boruch Levine at Queens College singing Refuah Shelaima, dedicated to Refoel Yoel Ozer Ben Chana Malka. Composed by Boruch Levine, Sunday Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. If you want to m’orer your tefilos go the site the mother highlights to see a picture of the most angelic gorgeous little yingel. Hashem should send him a refua shleima and the zechusim of our tefilos should help him grow to be a gadol b’yisrael.


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