Videos: Benjamin Brafman, Esq. On Living the Life of a Frum Yid in Our World


ben-brafman[Videos below.] Earlier this week, an important gathering for men was held at the Ohr Hachayim Vizhnitz Hall in Boro Park, Brooklyn. The asifa focused on the timeless theme of “Ve’asisa hayashar vehatov” and featured Rav Avrohom Schorr, Rav David Ozieri and the Spinka Rebbe, as well as two respected legal experts, Benjamin Brafman, Esq. (seen above) and Jacob Laufer, Esq. Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel served as chairman.

The gathering focused on introspection about how to better live our lives in consonance with Torah ideals.

The following videos feature the remarks of Mr. Brafman, the world renowned attorney and a brother of Rav Aaron Brafman, venerable menahel of Yeshiva Derech Ayson of Far Rockaway. Click on a screen to watch.

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{ Newscenter/Videos by Shiezoli}


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