Videos: Tisha B’Av Violence On the Har Habayis


The Har Habayis was the scene of clashes between Israel Police and Palestinians today, the fast of Tisha B’Av, while thousands of Yidden were visiting the Kosel plaza below.

The Palestinians bombarded police officers with rocks in order to prevent Jews from visiting the Har Habayis.

Unfortunately, there are still Jews who visit the Har Habayis in violation of a p’sak halacha by all leading rabbonim that this is assur, and even though it inevitably provides an excuse to Palestinians to engage in violence.

In order to prevent further escalation, all Jews were removed from the Har Habayis and the site was closed.

The violence began after some Jews ignored the Har Habayis law prohibiting public prayer. Nine Jewish men were held by police for “disturbing the peace.”


David Steger – Israel


  1. What a feeble logic: you yourself agree that it is only an excuse, not a reason for the islamonazi violence. There may be different piskei halacha regarding where Yiden are allowed to go on Har Habais, however everyone agrees that goyim are much more limited than Yiden in where they can go in Mikdash. Why not use your righteous indignation against the islamonazi squatters of Har Habais. Once the islamonazis are gone from Har Habais, it will be much easier to convince all Yiden to accept the Har Habais chumros.


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