Viral #WalkAway Meme Shows Democrats Hopping On The Trump Train

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" hats are pictured during a meeting with Trump's Hispanic Advisory Council at Trump Tower in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., August 20, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri - S1BETWOLUOAB

On the pro-Trump Internet last weekend, the #WalkAway hashtag was the nexus of an exciting idea: that “millions of Americans are walking away from the Democrat party,” as one pro-Trump account put it. Breitbart said that the hashtag had gone viral; the Epoch Times said it represented a “growing movement” of Democrats – particularly minority Democrats – abandoning their party, and liberalism.

#WalkAway, the hashtag, went viral this weekend, as something of a delayed reaction to a popular video renouncing liberalism by Brandon Straka, who described himself to the Epoch Times as a New York hairdresser and aspiring actor. The video, posted in late May, now has more than 1 million views on Facebook. In it, Straka says he was once a liberal, but now he is not.

“If you are a person of color, an LGBT person, a woman or an American immigrant, the Democratic Party wants you to know you are a victim,” Straka says in the video. “This is perhaps the Democratic Party’s greatest, and most insidious, lie.”

“I am walking away. And I encourage all of you to do the same. Walk away,” Straka concludes. The video was meant to spark a movement; this weekend’s virality of the hashtag has been cited as proof that Straka has succeeded.

On Twitter, Sarah Palin proclaimed, “This is a MUST watch!”

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  1. “The video, posted in late May, now has more than 1 million views on Facebook.” This is typical WaPo Fake News lie. Yesterday there were already over 5 million views.

    “Once upon a time, I was a liberal. Well, to be honest, less than a year ago, I was still a liberal,” begins Brandon Straka, the unlikely face of the new “silent minority” of Americans.
    “I reject a system which allows an ambitious, misinformed and dogmatic mob to suppress free speech, create false narratives, and apathetically steamroll over the truth,” he says. “I reject hate.”

    “These are the reasons why I became a liberal. And these are the same reasons why I am now walking away.”
    Straka published his original #WalkAway video on May 26, and since then his life “has been overtaken by a tidal wave,” the Epoch Times reports.

  2. Where’s the Washington Post’s article on “Huckabee Sanders Deserves ‘Life Sentence’ of Harassment”? And they wonder why the President refers to them as the “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE”.


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