CHAOS: Visitors Say Meron is a “Disaster Zone”

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meronTens of thousands of Yidden are waiting to leave Meron after celebrating Lag Ba’omer at the kever of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai, but many of acheinu Bnei Yisroel are growing anxious as they have remained stranded for hours in the heat, with an inadequate supply of drinks.

Arutz Sheva reports that due to traffic congestion, buses are unable to make their way in and out of the parking lots near the kever at an adequate rate. Visitors have called the situation “disgusting” and “a catastrophe.” Speaking to Arutz Sheva, one said, “It’s life-threatening to try to reach Meron like this.”

“We’ve been waiting for hours with no public transportation, and some of the people here don’t have enough to drink,” the visitor expressed. “We’re reporting a lot of cases of fainting, and there’s still fear of the worst.”

Members of Knesset are working to bring relief for the stranded visitors. MK Uri Maklev termed the current organizational failure “the mother of all collapses.”

“No explanation could excuse this result,” Maklev averred. “This is what advance preparations were for. We will draw conclusions and hold those responsible to account,” he added. Maklev said that MKs are working with a variety of parties, and hope to have a solution for the stranded visitors “soon.” This situation was not the case in previous years, causing those stranded to believe that it was completely avoidable had proper preparations been conducted.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. If bibi and Likud would’ve included the chareidi parties they would’ve been able to assist Yisroel Katz and the MOT as in previous yrs.
    They are so conceited now that they’re not in the coalition that they won’t have them help with the most congested spot in one day (almost a mil in 24 hrs).

  2. We all know what MOT, Egged, & the police are going to say:
    It’s all the charaidim’s fault – they didn’t go to the army!!!

  3. I made it out before the massive traffic jam bH. My friend left an hour later and sat for four hours before getting out of meron. Are there any updates on the situation? Has it all cleared?

  4. I was there, it was a true disaster!!! After waiting over an hour for the bus my group decided to walk – 40 min to our parking lot (not chai rottel)… Together with about 1000 others. This was my first year in meron, I dont plan to go again…

  5. It varies from year to year and depends sometimes on the time of the day together with various other factors — sometimes out of peoples control. I remember one year waiting a long time to get out and I remember other years when it was very organized and quick. One wrong move can set off a chain reaction…

  6. The traffic situation is a disaster. But Meron is not a “disaster zone”. It is a zone where hundreds of thousands of yidden are pouring out their hearts by the tzion, and dancing along with such simcha that can only be found on 1 day of the year, in 1 place in the world!
    May hashem help that all of klal yisroel should be zoiche to yeshuos b’korov, ????? ???? ????? ??? ????? ?? ?????!

  7. I was there. It was worse than what you describe! It was a mamesh terrible! No one had any idea how they were going to get a bus
    what a mess

  8. Thanks for putting it into perspective. As frustrating as it was getting home, it was a gorgeous experience nonetheless!

  9. I was there this past summer, on a regular day, and the even then the traffic on Route 85 was horrendous.

    If this is not addressed soonest, there is going to be a mass Chillul Shabbos on Route 85, following Lag b’Omer 2021 & 2025 which occur on Friday.

  10. in past years yien used to travel days and weeks to get to meron for lag beomer. today a hour wait is too much to handle, to the point their not going again. i guess it shows what
    was the reason of coming there.

  11. I was there and had a very hard time going home but I WILL be back next year.The hisorerus you get there is worth all the hardships.


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