Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Monsey Hospitalized


vizhnitzer-rebbe-of-monseyThe Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Monsey, Rav Mordechai Hager, was hospitalized today at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. The 91-year-old admor, who leads his chassidus in Kaser Village in Monsey, NY, had been unwell. He apparently contracted pneumonia and was thus taken to hospital for tests. Hospital physicians said that the Rebbe would remain hospitalized for a few days for observation and further tests.

The Rebbe has battled various ailments over the last few years.

Chassidim are hopeful that the Rebbe will be released in time for Lag Ba’omer, when he traditionally leads a large tish, in addition to presiding over a gathering on Motzoei Lag Ba’omer marking the day of his rescue during the Holocaust.

Vizhnitzer chassidim have gathered at the Shomrei Shabbos Zichron Meir Bais Hachaim to daven at the kever of the previous Vizhnitzer Rebbes as a zechus for the Rebbe.

The Rebbe’s brother, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak, Rav Moshe Yehoshua Hager, the Yeshoas Moshe, was niftar last year.

All are asked to daven for a refuah sheleimah for Rav Mordechai ben Margolia.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. WHAT ARE WE ALL WAITING FOR? has klal yisroel gotten the message from Hashem-waiting for us to start doing teshuva-have YOU done anything yet? how many more tragedies will it take C”V before we wake up & start doing teshuva?

    open up a tehillim with your spouse & children for a few minutes & let us show Hashem we are doing something


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