Voters Dissatisfied With Obama


obamaVoters have spoken and exit poll results show a large dissatifactions with President Obama and Congress, according to early results released by Edison Research.

The percentages look similar to results in 2010, which put the president’s disapproval rate at 55%. Nearly 8 in 10 dissaproved of Congress with most agry with Republican leaders in Congress.

Nearly half of voters who turned out selected the current state of the nation’s economy as the number one issue, according to the exit polls conducted by Edison Research. Over three-fourths were worried about the direction of the economy. The second biggest issue was health care, followed by foreign policy and immigration. Overall, moral seems to have improved since 2010, when only one out of every ten voters felt the economy was in excellent or good conditions. This year, the outcome was one out of three. Voters were also split between how their family’s financial situations had changed. In 2010, nearly three times as many voters said their conditions had worsened as those who had felt theirs improved. This year, the results were equally divided.

{ Newscenter}



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