Voting For Obama Keeps Families Apart On Thanksgiving


obamaAh, Thanksgiving. A little turkey, some cranberry mold, maybe apple pie with ice cream, some football on TV. Getting together with the cousins. Catching up beside the fire. Togetherness.

On second thought: Scratch that. What were we thinking? This was an election year.

“The Thanksgiving table will be a battleground,” says Andrew Marshall, 34, of Quincy, Mass.

Like many extended families across the country, Marshall’s includes Democrats and Republicans, conservatives, liberals and independents. And so, like many families that count both red and blue voters in their ranks, they’re expecting fireworks. Things had already gotten so bad on Facebook, the family had to ban political banter.

Read more at CBS Washington.

{ Newscenter}


  1. What an absolutely misleading headline. Does the editorial staff of Matzav even care about sheker, not to mention editorial principles…?

  2. The authorities of matzav .com are tipshim who have a sort of obsessvie compulsive dorider mixed with one of the worst charachter traits described in the the mussar seforim with references all the time to pesukim in tehillim and elsehwere about how despicable cynics are.

  3. Or, voting for Romney? If the political arguments can get that bad, there are other things going on beforehand. Time to go to a family counselor or your local Rav. Who voted for whom only establishes the terms of argument, not the agenda behind arguing in the first place.


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