Waqf: Israel Did Not Damage or Steal Any Historical Items During Recent Har Habayis Searches


The Jerusalem Islamic Waqf — the Jordanian-funded body which administers the Muslim holy sites on the Har Habayis — said in a statement on Thursday that Israeli security forces did not damage or steal any historical items when they searched the hilltop compound in the days following the July 14 terrorist attack there in which two policemen were killed.

However, the Waqf did accuse Israel of damaging lockers, confiscating a recording device and possibly copying computer files during its “unjustified searches” of the Har Habayis, where the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock are located.

The Waqf also restated its previous condemnation of Israel’s temporary closure of the Har Habayis and the security measures — which were subsequently lifted — it put in place there following the attack.

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