War Hero Maj. Roi Klein’s Home Is On The Chopping Block


idf-major-roi-kleinOn Monday, the High Court in Israel ruled in favor of the far-left organizations Peace Now and Yesh Din and ordered that 11 homes in the Samaria town of Eli be torn down. One of the homes in question belongs to IDF Major Roi Klein, who was killed in the Second Lebanon War when he jumped on a live hand grenade thrown by Hizbullah forces, in order to save his soldiers (see here). Maj. Klein’s last words, his soldiers later said, were “Shema Yisrael.”

The Klein family home is located in the Hayovel neighborhood of Eli. The neighborhood received government support and services over the course of more than a decade, but never received official authorization.

Peace Now claims that some houses were built on Arab-owned land. According to residents of Eli, a part of one building does extend onto Arab land, but the other homes in the neighborhood, including the Klein family residence, were built entirely on state land.

Klein’s final act of bravery led the state to posthumously award him the Medal of Valor, the IDF’s highest honor. Klein was the first to be awarded the medal in more than 30 years.

Klein’s widow, Sarah, declined to respond to the High Court decision that could leave her and her two young children with no home. Neighbors described the news as “a harsh blow,” particularly in light of the fact that it came almost exactly three years after Roey’s death, and shortly before a scheduled IDF memorial ceremony in his honor.

Following the ruling, the Land of Israel Legal Forum sent an emotional appeal to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, calling on him to honor Major Klein by authorizing his family’s home and making it legal. “Will your hand, as that responsible for destroying the home of this hero of Israel, not tremble as you sign the demolition order?” asked Forum chairman Nachi Eyal.

“With your signature, you could turn his home ‘legal,’ but you refuse… The law does not require you to destroy the home of a hero of Israel who gave his life for his people,” the letter continued. “If there is any legal way to prevent this travesty, you must make use of it.”

When he gave his life, Klein became a national symbol of bravery and sacrifice, Eyal noted. If Barak allows the Klein family home to be destroyed, “the message sent will be disastrous, for both civilians and soldiers,” he warned.

“If there remains any significance to ‘our duty to the fallen’ – now is the time to prove it,” he concluded.

To sign a petition requesting the court to rescind their decision, click here.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Roi Klein was a selfless hero. The house where his family lives is illegal.

    Let the State care for the widow and children in the proper manner, and find them a legal home. Let the law take its course with the houses which have been condemned. (If they were illegal, why did the idiots build them in the first place? Major Klein died to defend the State of Israel and its institutions.)

    This sort of tear-jerking appeal is simply a dodge on the part of a settler organization to keep from complying with the law of Israel.

    Honor his memory and care for his family, but don’t let them be used for partisan political purposes

  2. rachel r you are such a self hating jew this is not the first time you responded with such a dumb remark
    the 1st way to care for a widow is to show respect and every normal person knows the last thing you do to a widow is to throw her out of her apaprtment or house .
    2nd major klien didnt give his life for the state and institutions he gave his life to save his brothers get it?


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