Watch: A Post-Purim Lesson, With a Story from the Tosher Rebbe



  1. What Drivel !!
    perhaps you can explain to the almana and yesomim of the levaya that I went to yesterday (Yes on Purim) that it’s all well, & soon they’ll realize that their husbands/fathers petirah was really a good thing. or maybe you can tell the wife of the young man born with birth defects who finally had the zechus of getting married but is now after 2 short years of marriage, batteling incurable cancer, that soon she’ll discover that her husbans illness and suffering is really a good thing. There are counteless stories like this and , no, they don’t all end well. In fact many of them end tragically. Some victims have the stength to accept it even though they can’t fathom why they deserve it , and others suffer the pain to their dying day. But, for you to sit there pompusly strumming your guitaur, wailing away, with a slightly retarded grin plastered on your face,lecturing them , is cruel and insesitive to say the least.

  2. Wow! First has it good ! However tges story is a bit different there was a man from momsey that wasnt well the rebbe refused to give a bracha on his health but he also knew tge man was in dire straits so he handed him a closed envelope on the plain ride back he gave he was sitting next to a weathy yid who said he gave $10,000 to the rebbe in a sealed envelope you know the rest of the the recepient is my relative . I was privy to this story also no one would ever talk like that to the rebbe everyone knew he would stay up a whole night just for us yo listen and give Another thing is the line was never in view of the rebbe he was in a room and you waited in the hall.
    Either way he wasnt god so its a little strange however the overall message is timeless it is an amzing point.

  3. It’s not fair to say this message is mean just because not everyone sees a bad thing as something “good” it’s still to their benefit nothing that Hashem does is ever bad !! You never know who’s death or tzarah is being me chapter on your aveiros! Not a laughing matter


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