Watch: Addresses by Dr. Pelcovitz and Rabbi Zwickler at Amudim Awareness Event in Springfield, NJ


Dozens of  various community members gathered in Congregation Israel of Springfield for Amudims latest Community Awareness Event. Both speakers Dr. Pelcovitz and Rabbi Zwickler impressed upon the audience the importance of education, maintaining open lines of communication and the need to show positive interactions and relationships in order to give children a feeling of safety and the knowledge that they are loved unconditionally.

Dr. Pelcovitz noted a crucial lesson, that according to research, children who have had even one or two simple talks about safety with their parents are better protected from abuse than their peers who have never been similarly educated.

While the audience came away feeling hopeful, educated and inspired, there was an element of shock as well, as participants found themselves facing the stark truth about the prevalence of abuse in the tight-knit Jewish community and how rarely it is discussed or condemned.





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