Watch: Alex Jones Claims Conspiracy After FCC Shutdown


The FCC shuts down controversial host Alex Jones’ pirate Liberty Radio and slapped it with a $15,000 for operating without a license since at least 2013; chief congressional correspondent Mike Emanuel reports from Capitol Hill.



  1. A violation of free speech today is not brainwashing people with false narratives like Fake News Mainstream Media Enemies of the People are doing.

    Aren’t the 100 Fake News Media Enemies of the People violating the law for reporting false fabricated news? Shouldn’t THEY be taken down? Of course not because the Left have all the power.

    And for the record “conspiracy theories” means reporting TRUE News unlike what fake news media are doing. Remember when Arutz-7 was taken off Israel’s radio for the same reason?

  2. Let’s not fool ourselves. Trump would never have become President if not for Alex Jones and other Conservative media, Alternated Media, Real Media. Throughout the 2016 election Fake News constantly concocted negative stuff on Trump and covered up Hillary’s criminal activities (for which she’s not even investigated yet). President Trump is the only one who’s able to censor Fake News and he must do so immediately before they impeach or get him off otherwise. If he won’t ban them and bring Real Media back he has little chance being reelected.


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