Watch: Anatomy Of The Las Vegas Massacre


A look at the weapon Stephen Paddock used and how he was able to wound and kill so many people from such a long distance.




  1. When will the media call a spade a spade and admit that this was caused by the Democrat left wing policies and ideologies? The Democrats have been sowing the seeds of hate for many years now. Obama/Holder brought it out to the top. Adam Schiff is continuing it.

  2. HILLARY CLINTON IS TO BLAME FOR THIS MASSACRE. Had she accepted the outcome of the election and worked along with the new President instead of having her constituents bringing on violence to the country, this wouldn’t have happened. This terrorist was a Hillary supporter and anti-Trump protester.

  3. Mainstream media is refusing to report what the other media are reporting that Paddock wasn’t the only shooter and there might have been at least 3 shooters from different angles as witnessed and videoed. (Makes sense because how can 1 shooter kill 59 and injure 500?)


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