Watch: Are Never-Trumpers Underestimating The President’s Support?


Sen. Flake says President Trump is inviting a Republican challenger in 2020; reaction and analysis from Fox News contributor Steve Cortes.




  1. Of course the Never-Trumpers are underestimating his support. And of course the Trumpets are over estimating his support. It’s politics as usual.

  2. This is interesting. A never written is a never taken in vow. If one vows never to like the president we have today, he may be wrong. It is a vow.

    Israel can not be a “Never-Trumper”. It would disavow a pledge to keep the commandments holy.

    I did not feel right when They had the “Never Trump” movement and though I was not myself a support, I am learning some feelings that this president can be very interesting. One hopes we can find our rights and humor in this era and one knows this is a nation to hope peace.

    So in all thought, never a never trumper is right. It would not be kosher otherwise to disavow a presidency but one must adhere ones own support or clamor otherwise.



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