Watch: Avraham Fried Sings Martin Widerker’s ‘Vezakeinu’ with Yedidim


Produced, filmed and edited by: Hyper Productions

Composed by: Meir Martin Widerker
Singer: Avraham Fried
Conducted, Arranged & Orchestrated By –
Menachem Bristowski

Choir: International Yedidim Choir
Choir Conductor: Yaakov Rotblat

Additional Photographer: Michael Hazony

Special Thanks To:
Choir members:
Motty Rotler
Gil Israelov
Yehuda Hartstein
Drums: Ariel Lamhott
Saxophone and flute: Yaakov Eizental
Guitar: Yizzik Cohen

Filmed in: Gal Kol studios, Bney Brak.

Thanks To:
Yuval Stopple
Eli Yizraelowitch
Danny Keizler
Dvir Cohen
Shmulik and Elad Abuhav
Daniel Barnea
Moishy Rott
Avi Hillson
Adi Netaneli – Synthy Music
Ariel Glickson
Israel Heller


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