Watch: Ben Shapiro Breaks Down The Idea That Fetuses Are Just “Clumps Of Cells”

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  1. Studies show that when the mother even just thinks of taking a cigarette the baby inside gets very worried and uncomfortable. Etc etc.. Not “part of the mother’s body”.

  2. Bible golden. Anyone think otherwise? They have blood all over.

    The war is just a natural society.

    Are we ever to have respect? Yes. Israel.

    • Manner of what bochur? The growing welt in my moon is your growing non-kosher fist. Maybe Matzav is too much for you.

      1. Go to mental health clinic and ask for grid for your charity.
      2. Give holocaust a moment thought. We like jewish voices.
      3. Apologize to your yeshiva for bothering less impressive people online. We have pills to take and you are not our alarm clock.

      If that fails, wait 15 years and check your medicine cabinet. You will join the same poor old people you bash.

      Enjoy and the Hobbit is still available if you approve the English. It should mean well. Never ask him for a translator unless you move.

  3. Ben Shapiro put it beautifully. Hello, goyim out there, there are o t h e r ways to avoid “having to” resort to abortion, and they are less damaging to women’s bodies. There’s also such a thing called responsibility, thinking and planning ahead. So watch yourselves.

  4. NO one should EVER be using the term “take your pills” as a means of mocking and putting someone down! THIS is where all stigmas begin! Matzav, please don’t publish such kind of put downs! I know many people who are taking life saving pills and are extremely self conscious about it. silly little comments such as these do NOTHING good for our community. “flatbushbochur19” please take back your double thoughtless comment and don’t post a comment unless it was thought through.

    • flatbushbochur is just S I C K of Matzav’s continuing to post someone’s gibberish. They don’t post other people’s normal, understandable posts, but somehow, this gobbledygook (forgive me, Dr. Seuss, if I didn’t spell it correctly; it’s been a while) does get posted. It’s not funny anymore. By the way, flatbushbochur is just one of many who aren’t interested in the King of Mangled English’s comments.


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