Watch: Bill O’Reilly Goes After Mainstream Media Bias


On ‘Hannity,’ the ‘Killing England’ author says there’s no longer any rules or objectivity.




  1. Trump going right to the people is brilliant and indeed how he won in a landslide. The corrupt politicians, corrupt media and a few liberal nutcases voting for Hillary was obviously not enough votes to have gotten her elected.

    • Hillary never connected or tried to connect to the average American citizen. She lives in her fantasy ivory tower surrounded by yes-men or women. Normal people sense that disconnect. Why Obama won? Because of the race card. They were afraid of the Thought Police. They HAD to vote for a black man.

    • Carpets sir. The Trump family just wants to make sure that Bill is happier in a more luxurious hopeful home in New York.

      Tread well Mr. Trump. We will likely cradle the safety of a better future. Hillary might have to do taxes.



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