Watch: Chief Rabbi Rav Yitzchok Yosef’s Critique of Those Who Think It Is a Mitzvah to Visit Meron



  1. There is a reason why Moshe Rabbeinu’s burial place is unknown. The talmud says that God kept his final resting place secret because of the potential for some to deify him. We should all take that to heart when visiting graves of Tzadikkim and not create cults of personality.

    • Place a good stone on a good grave. The idea that you can just drop a note is not a good thought just by the reality of G-d. If you see that sometimes our yidden are now leaving notes at the graveside as I have now seen in my lifetime, wonder if G-d is being revered of if there is a hero-worship that one in the grave can intercede by simply rising to read the notes you leave.

      The kever is not the Western Wall. This is probably a practice that might have avodah-zara and I myself find that a trash pit on a grave is egregious. I wonder what Rabbi Miller zt’l, Rabbi Schach zt’l and Rabbi Soloveitchik zt’l would say. They were critical of many things and I wonder if we will see many others who feel the same way when a mass exodus is used in a hero-worship paradigm rather than a fear of G-d.

      Just a careful thought I think. I fear G-d and fear that the par on some of the new mass movements in Israel may indeed be a cult. I have heard many discuss the same.


  2. I will never forget the words of one of my roshei yeshiva many years ago while growing up in the UK. He said ‘there are places that one ‘must not’ go and ther are places also that one ‘need not’ go. One should ask himself if the place he intends to go falls under any of those two categories and if yes one should simply not go.

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