Watch: Children In Sderot Screaming In Fear As Rockets Fly By



  1. And cowardly Israel would certainly not dare return fire sabotaging Hamas’ truce that they want to go into effect in a few weeks and then having to deal with the self-appointed Begatz controlling the political part.

  2. I always ask what ever happened to the Israel that fought all those wars, 1948, 1960, 1970 and won them against 6 countries?? Now they turned into a whimpering banana republic who has to ask permission if they can defend themselves. I guess when you end up with a erev rav government who has to please the world and butt kiss, this is what you get a piece of land that people can trash and its citizens are helpless to take care.

    • Because the IDF has become feminised. Their current leader is an old fashioned Russian drunk who can’t separate himself from his Vodka bottle. The IDF is more concerned with harassing Yeshiva boys than they are with protecting the Country. Until Israel institutes term limits, it will continue to go downhill. Netanyahu wants his legacy to be, that the NY Times & the BBC loved and adored him.

  3. The great and mighty Israel that everyone looks to, to show its strength to the world, has no viable options for taking care of the animals in Gaza.

    The One and Only orchestrated the fraud accusations against Ariel Sharon’s children, to which the great right wing champion of the settler movement’s answer, seems to have been, to distract the world by pushing for the insane “pinkt kapoier” idea of pulling the Israeli military out of Gaza, and compounding the problems a thousand fold.

    So now we are boxed in without any way out.
    Except to turn our eyes to the One Above instead of to the “almighty” Israeli army.


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