Watch: Democrats’ Turn Against Nancy Pelosi


Nancy Pelosi has led Democrats in the House of Representatives for more than 15 years, and now more and more of those Democrats say they will not support her if the party retakes the majority in November. Plus, ‘Manhattan Madam’ Kristin Davis testifies before the Mueller investigation’s grand jury.



  1. The Dems can only win by fraud. There’s no way in the world they can ANYTHING if Voter ID is implemented.

    Secondly, the Dems have finally realized that Pelosi is mentally deranged or perhaps that she only has dementia.

  2. This is a great act on the democrats part for this is how they think they will win by going against the Pelosi and once they are elected they will return to the same old, same old. Pelosi brings too much money into the Democratic party to switch. Good Act Democrats now you are against then you will be for.


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