Watch: Did Hillary Clinton Get Special Treatment From The FBI?


Rep. Matt Gaetz on FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s closed-door testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.




  1. The corrupt CIA and FBI overlooked all her criminal activities because they were 100% sure she’d win with all the frauds they added for her victory just like they did for Obama. It didn’t occur to them that they would need much more fraud because only 15% of the public would vote for her.

    Had Hillary ch”v become President, none of her corruptions would have come out and neither would the corruptions from the FBI and CIA. America would just continue sloping down the drain with the higher-ups becoming more powerful and richer on taxpayer’s account.

    Thank you Hashem for giving America the greatest gift ever; a goodhearted, moral and honest President who’s trying hard to bring morality and honesty back to the country. Please Hashem continue giving him siyatta Dishmaya and protection esp. from his enemies within – the higher-ups.


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