Watch: Doma Restaurant Creates $1000 Sandwich Featuring Heritage Kosher Duck Liver

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  1. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to laugh or cry. Is this what we’ve come to? Are we that desperate that we still seek new innovative taavas? New 5 minute thrills? Fleeting pleasures? At what cost? Is this what the Mesilas Yisharim was talking about? Very very sad.

  2. Not Normal! Who’d want to eat that? I wouldn’t pay more than $10-15 for a top notch pastrami sandwich . Who needs all the fancy, but, dubious ingredients? Does it really taste so good that it’s even worth $100?

  3. If we think there’s nothing wrong with turning weddings into star studded extravaganzas or building million dollar apartments in Yerushalayim, why shouldn’t a sandwich cost $1000?

  4. Wow, mamesh toradik. Achila gaasa at its finest. My only question is, will this sandwich cause one to flatulate more than usual? It can cause him to miss davening maariv with a minyan r”l. Also chocolate with fleishigs could be a serious problem. Most poskim hold that the way it’s manufactured today, there is no such thing as a truly parave chocolate. The music in the background was limaaleh ulimaaleh. Straight from the nishama. It’s too bad the chef has no idea what DOMA really stands for: Defense of Marriage Act. If only Trump/Sessions could sign it into law.

  5. Trade hard. This sandwich is yours.

    Sing to Hashem well. If he puts it on your plate, you may be well fed.

    Jared, we would of course know it could be your next meal. Give it some thought. If we ever had a kosher White House, this would be a certain for the menu. Ivanka might run? Best day. All mezuzas on the White House doors. She would have to.

    Go bet. I want my duck liver.


  6. My wife is now putting together the money ingredients that the chef rattled off. It’s a good publicity stunt. I recall a pizza pie that was baked right after Pesach went for 700 dollars. So it’s not that expensive for a meat sandwich.

  7. It’s not the $1000.00 that I think is unreasonable for such a gevaldiga sandwich, it’s the tip that I have to give to the waiter on top of the 1000 bucks for the sandwich, that’s a little too much. I just hope it comes with a glass of water.


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