Watch: Elor Azariya, Soldier Sentenced To 18 Months For Shooting Terrorist, Says Goodbye To His Family


Elor Azariya began his 18 month sentence today, after declining to appeal his case to the Supreme Court.

Azariya was found guilty in the killing of a terrorist who seemed to have surrendered following an attack. Azariya’s defense team argued that the attacker was using his surrender as a ploy to lower the soldiers’ guard in order to continue his assault, and as such was justified in neutralizing the threat.

Watch below as Elor takes leave of his family just before he began his sentence earlier today:



  1. One has to be really nuts to join such an army. No wonder there are over 50% secularists who dodged out of the draft. (But of course it’s only the Chareidi Yeshiva boys the government and police are going after.)


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