Watch: Eric Shawn Reports: President Trump vs. Putin


Jim Walsh on the president backing U.S. intelligence agencies on the Russian probe




  1. America has become a laughingstock to the world with the CIA’s nonsense of Russian’s meddling (which there was not a shred of evidence after paying hundreds and thousands of dollars from the US taxpayers to their “special counsel”), especially after Hillary publicly admitted that the anti-Trump dossier – which is the reason for their accusation of Trump’s collaborating with Putin – was her own and the DNC’s fabrication with the help of the then FBI Director Comey and John McCain.

    Clapper: “The Russian’s do not harbor good intentions towards the United States”, huh? But the CIA Mafia parasites sucking the blood of American people all these years, do?

    Trump did not say he believes the KGB more than the CIA. He was talking about Putin. Most Americans would believe Putin over the corrupt CIA/FBI who have much innocent American blood on their hands.

    And talking about the Deep State / the Shadow Government, who elected them? All they do is undermine Trump and want to continue with their global disaster and continue Obama’s/Bush’s legacy of destroying America.

    Fake News would not report any of this.


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