Watch: Fleischer: Criticism of POTUS on Charlottesville Deserved


Former White House press secretary and Fox News contributor says Trump should have criticized white supremacist groups by name from the start.



  1. Another liberal Jew who only follows fake news dumbly.

    President Trump condemned it immediately and then condemned it again 2 days later but MSM would not accept it because he didn’t say exactly when they wanted him to say. So get your facts straight before accusing others.
    Talking about “morality” WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE ON MSM covering up the Chicago violence this Saturday where 9 people!!! got killed and 30 injured?
    AND WHERE WAS YOUR OUTRAGE on Obama’s going golfing when American journalist James Foley was beheaded? “It’s only natural,” you say. HYPOCRITE!

    Why didn’t it bother you that Obama’s ex-CIA Deep State agent extreme liberal Brennan Gilmore, a main orchestrator behind the violence, had a pre-approved interview by CNN days before about this planned violence?

    Had you read the real news you wouldn’t have criticized the police because you’d have known that the police were ordered to stand down just before the incident, as confirmed by ACLU.

  2. Everybody is an M.D. — Mayven of Drech!

    Yes, Hindsight may be 20/20 but everybody becomes an expert on everyone else cheshbon.

  3. I’m sorry, but I for one (amongst many) consider myself intellectually honest and I refuse to give Trump a free pass just because I’m his supporter. He is wrong here and there’s nothing more to discuss. People are reacting the same as Obama supporters (which we’ve been calling out for the same reason); you don’t HAVE to agree with Trump every time to be his supporter. I happen to oppose neo-nazism and WS bigots a lot more than stupid left wing nut jobs. Use your G-D given intellect before commenting like a fool.


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