Watch: Kippah-Wearing Former Mayor of Shilo, Israel: Friends of Israel Must Vote For Trump


Former Mayor of Shilo, Israel, David Rubin, appeared on Fox Business to explain why Donald Trump is the best presidential candidate for Israel.




  1. Judge him as toeivah with a smile. He has no good faith for Israel of course, but his values are so slight that no value of even a good chicken held over his head will atone for his sin.

    Scary, but the toeivah society is so fierce for just the idea of hate just to play hope into lost value and hard society. Hate of the orthodox is too common place for a good mood just by the pennies they collect for their own charity.

    Shame men.

    Coded Torah is always protecting Torah. Its a joke to see this guy, but he is in fact in the code somewhere too. Can we be with such protection that this guy is still on the radio. Scary.

  2. Whoops, wrong commentary just submitted for this article. Please disregard the commentary above which was written for the article about the radio personality, not the Israeli politician.

    The following is the comment for this article:

    His hour is mood. He has not been an American and has no idea that the good of the vote is the best of human correspondence. The sadness of Trump is his permissive approach to hate.

    Israel for Trump is zero for human gain. The idea of the settlements can continue negotiation. The world is not jews for abortion in every home. This is asinine, but he is not an American.


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