Watch: Frum Boro Park Robbery Victim: “I Thought They Were Going To Kill Me”


Police are trying to identify two men who they said robbed a frum man inside his home in Boro Park, Brooklyn, CBS NEWS reports.

The incident happened at around 9:30 p.m. on Friday night on 50th Street and 15th Avenue. The 76-year-old victim said he was returning home from shul when the suspects made their move. Surveillance video shows the suspects follow the victim up to his apartment, where they forced their way in after he opened the door.

Once inside, police said they confined the man to a chair and demanded money.

Boruch Hashem, he emerged uninjured. The thugs took nothing more than a fax machine.




  1. some people will have you believe that everything is honkey dorey in Boro Park. As I have no vested interest, I can say that the situation is terrible. Cars are broken into every night. Streets are littered with shattered car windows. And the cops? tickets, tickets tickets, moving, parking, sanitation…and the list goes on and on. The one way stream from Boro park to NJ speaks for itself.

  2. Fax machine is worth money especially if you don’t have computer and electronic Mail. I hope they chap these paskudniaks


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