Watch: Gingrich On Hillary: DNC Speeches Don’t Reflect Reality For Americans


Former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich weighed in last night on ‘Hannity’ on Hillary Clinton’s speech and the Democratic National Convention.




  1. Do you know that in one minute president Obama can declare himself dictator and commander in chief of the United States Army? Marshal Law means that citizens have lost all of their rights and president Obama will become the Dictator Obama, King and Ruler. Read the executive orders signed by president Obama making them into the laws of United States of America. Read them carefully and make up your own mind how much each American citizen is in absolute danger. I don’t have to convince you I think that these so called executive orders which simply mean that president Obama skipped the normal route for enacting laws and sign them into law himself as president which is illegal. They speak for themselves it’s your future and your life it’s up to you. Lets get out of the US A. S. A. P.


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