Watch: Gorka: Trump Is Solving Problems Others Left For Him


Did Trump exceed expectations at the United States-North Korea summit? Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Daniel Hoffman weigh in on ‘Hannity.’



  1. Mainstream Media, as well as Previous Presidents are puppets from the CIA who hate Trumpich is the reason for covering up Trump's accomplishments

    From the Tea
    Since President Donald Trump’s first day in office… the liberally biased mainstream media has perpetuated the narrative that Trump is largely despised both at home and abroad, and that in other nations he is almost universally viewed as an embarrassment to the American people. Thus, it came as no surprise whatsoever when the U.S. media essentially ignored the reception Trump received from cheering supporters upon his arrival Sunday in Singapore ahead of a high-stakes summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Coverage of the cheering crowds greeting Trump would directly contradict the “Trump is hated” narrative the mainstream media outlets push every day, so they simply ignore it and choose not to cover it…
    According to a series of photos published by The Daily Caller, the president received a boisterous welcome from not just U.S. citizens who live in Singapore, but also from Singaporean citizens as well.

  2. The media is bashing Trump for his diplomacy and hammering President Trump for negotiating complete denuclearization with the ‘brutal regime.’

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