Watch: Gorka: Uranium One Scandal Is Absolutely Massive


‘Clinton Cash’ author Peter Schweizer and Dr. Sebastian Gorka speak out on ‘Hannity’ about controversies involving the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton.




    • No! It’s easier to tell the world to stop fooling themselves and stop watching/listening/reading to the lying media who have kept them in the dark for 50-60-70 years.

  1. Not only did she get $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation to help her election campaign, she also received $35 million from Rusnano, a fund directly funded by the Kremlin to her Podesta firm.

    Wouldn’t be surprised she evaded paying tax on all those donations to the Clinton Foundation lining her pocket.

    Gorka is so right. If the dossier is a phony, Mueller should step down of his nonsensical Russian collusion absurdity.

    • No, you’re wrong. Any day now, Mueller is going to come out with bombshell revelations that will rock the very core of this Nation.


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