Watch: Hannity and Friends Discuss “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren


Herman Cain and Eric Bolling joined Sean Hannity last night to reveal the real Elizabeth Warren.




  1. Mania and Mania.

    One demagogue going after another.

    Elizabeth Warren was in all feeling entirely inappropriate to make consideration for a native American heritage as none was documented by history. One account I heard had her discussing her grandfather who had “high cheekbones” and thus she associated that she must indeed have native american heritage.

    In truth I can tell you she is a demagogue and so too is Trump. The pocahontas comment is quite sacrificed in the terms that it does indicate her own negative maladjustment.

    So too bad on this matter. I do not support Mr. Trump, but I find that this particular hate-jab is not one that I can fully discredit. I find that her egregious hate behavior has been so occult that indeed the comment has a matter.

    But still, one wants neither in our professional affairs.

    It is difficult.

  2. Whats your obsession with the Hannity show and the Washington Compost? Why are you constantly quoting them as if they are the only ones that exist?


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