Watch: Hannity To The Media: You Have Zero Credibility Left


Why did news organizations ignore the Ukrainian collusion story?



    • Oh come on. He was more or less credible until the primaries, which was only a year and half ago. That’s when he abandoned his principles to shill for his personal friend Trump, the least conservative candidate. He continues to be in Trump’s pocket – you will never hear him say a negative word about Trump. Everything Trump does is perfect and cannot be questioned.

      • Greg,

        When he lost his credibility 18 months ago it showed that his campaign against Obama and Hillary for 8 years had nothing to do with truth or justice. He showed that his negia against democrats allows him to sell and support any lie and foolishness. That means he wasn’t credible for 8 years before either.

        • Name one lie that he said, Obama and Hillary? their life is a lie especially Hillary, I could name numerous lies the Obama administration peddled like Obamacare, Iran nuclear deal, Bengazi etc. etc.

          • Let’s start with a whopping one: Obama was not born in America. You can extrapolate all the rest.


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