Watch: Huckabee: Real Republicans Don’t Support Clinton


Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) appeared on Fox Business last night to discuss Republicans who are now supporting Hillary Clinton for president.




  1. Bar room mentality.

    This man has a very poor mind for ethics.

    Republics should put humor and giving ahead of petty politics.

    Huckabee keeps losing for a good reason.

    And thus the lamb wept.

  2. Real Republicans Don’t Support Clinton
    This isn’t a baseball game where you root for your team to win regardless of its personnel. In the real world people identify with a party because it aligns with their beliefs and positions or it’s to their benefit (i.e. lower taxes). If a party’s candidate doesn’t reflect their beliefs or is sufficiently objectionable to a voter it makes complete sense not to vote for that candidate.
    Had Al Sharpton been the Democratic candidate (c”v) don’t you think even “Real Democrats” have a moral obligation to vote against him?


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