Watch: Hurt, ‘Kimmel Shouldn’t Use His Kid In Political Debate’


Columnist expands on his Washington Times opinion piece on ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum’



  1. Wait so callign for health care for children is using your child aas a prop?

    this is really a “political debate”

    I know Conservatives are sick. but this sick?

    Maybe if they supported healthcare they can get the meds they need

  2. Not sure how his story turned Health Care political. In his time of need, he realized how vulnerable we all are and used this opportunity to advocate for the less financially fortunate and people with pre-existing conditions. When anyone is hit with a calamity it opens their eyes to a new reality that they could not have been aware of.

  3. Simple feelings real. Adds some humanity.

    Why would anyone mock? We do have health to value. Wait until you or any conservative gets sick. The finality is not yireh for the man you think is bolder than the office of president is costly to the hard noses to elect Trump.

    Bitter times.


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