Watch: Ingraham: The Bushes’ Bitter Backlash


The Bush family cannot come to terms with the fact that the voters rejected their globalist worldview.




  1. Ingraham and the rest of the Trumpets don’t like to remember that all those people who can’t stand Trump, know that he is as far from a conservative as his friend Schumer, and only voted for him because there was no choice. It was him or Hillary. That doesn’t mean they were rejecting the Bushes.
    It is interesting to see how Rush and Hannity spent years defending Bush, but will now throw him away, along with all the real conservative values that they claimed to believe in. CINO= conservative in name only

    • While it’s true that many who voted for Trump only did so because of who his opponent was, it’s also true that many Clinton voters had the same motivation. I say this as a Clinton voter who despises her for her complete lack of honesty and integrity, yet didn’t want a loose cannon in the oval office.


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