Watch: Is Donald Trump Right About Judicial Bias?


Alan Colmes vs. Freedom Watch’s Larry Klayman on whether its appropriate for Donald Trump to want a judge off his case because of the judge’s Mexican heritage.




  1. Again, I’m not a great fan of Donald Trump, but both Colmes and Klayman missed the point entirely. Trump did not say that a member of any ethnic group be it Mexican, Latino, or what have you cannot be an impartial judge on his case. What he did say was that THIS specific judge. Judge Curiiel exhibited extraordinary bias against Trump by ruling against each and every motion presented by Trump’s attorneys. Trump speculated that the animosity of THIS judge towards him might be based on Trump’s political positions vis-a-vis the i9llegal Mexican immigrants.

    If it is patently obvious that the judge is ruling arbitrarily and capriciously against Trump then it might very well be the case that Curiel is a bigoted judge who should not have been assigned to this case. Unfortunately, the Constitution does not afford protection to the public from vengeful jurists.

  2. I am also not a fan of Donald Trump, but he has my vote. I prefer Trump than another 4 years of OBAMA (clinton will continue his policies if she, c”v, is elected). As far as the judge is concerned, he does have animosity against Trump since 2014 when the lawsuit was filed in court. Also, he is a judge appointed by Barack Obama and is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, a latino group that translates to “The Race.” which supports pro-illegal immigration.


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