Watch: Judi’s Ride Home: Shan and Todd Are Not Being Discriminatory Against Jews

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  1. I would not want to be a passenger in that car. She barely glanced at the road from the beginning to the end of that 1:19 clip…

  2. Public opinion from a driver less safe on the road. Might the auto insurance rates need be higher? Hope she reads more than she gives the dashboard credit.

    Pretty scary. Our streets must be safe.

  3. She is 100% wrong…if it were black people then she would not understand the policy. People that live in those zip codes should not buy from them.

  4. I would want them to show in their records that our communities are abusing their return policies more then any other community. I also heard of people returning air conditioners after the summer or buying a dress for wedding only to return it the next day. But I think these stories are few and far between and doesn’t define our community as a whole. In todays online shopping market any retailer should expect that people will be making returns. I believe this is discrimination and any investigation would show this.

  5. Very simple.

    Let people from those cities boycott this company along with Jews everywhere , and you see how quickly it changed.

  6. A few thoughts:
    1) Somebody speaking in the manner that this driver spoke can’t concentrate on their driving properly. This isn’t a casual conversation or sing-along, but a monologue that requires thought and concentration.
    2) Even if a business feels a certain demographic isn’t being honest they may still not discriminate. Blacks can’t be barred because of shoplifting fears and orthodox Jews shouldn’t face a discriminatory policy either.
    3) I hope that financial fraud isn’t as prevalent in our communities as this business thinks. “Genaivishe schtick” such as purchasing to use and then return is genaiva, chilul Hashem, sheker and genaivas daas at the very minimum. Shame on us if we indulge in this type of fraud or condone it. To paraphrase what another poster said elsewhere, do we think Hashem is mekabel our tefilos better if we say them wearing a nice, new white shirt that just happens to be stolen?

  7. wrong, wrong wrong! If it were any other group there would be an outcry & all kinds of lawsuits.
    If they wanted to be fair & protect themselves, why not limit the amount of returns per year for everyone. This will stop the abusers without discriminating.

  8. Actually, it is mostly goyim who do these immoral returns. A typical goyishe chutzpah to self-righteously blame Yiden for their own downfalls.


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