Watch: Libertarian VP Weld: Trump Has a ‘Screw Loose’


The Libertarian Party’s presidential and vice-presidential nominees used a CNN town hall-style event to tear into Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“I think he is a showman, a Pied Piper, the Music Man,” VP pick Bill Weld, a former Republican governor of Massachusetts, told the cable-news audience. “More recently, it has gotten more serious and the noun that comes to my mind is ‘a screw loose.’”

Weld and his presidential nominee, fellow former Gov. Gary Johnson, are polling in the low double-digits nationally, and told host Anderson Cooper that they don’t feel a vote for third-party candidates is imprudent: “A wasted vote is voting for someone you don’t believe in,” Johnson said. Read more at CNN.



  1. i think that Trump needs to realize that he is up against an extremely strong, wealthy, democratic machine and to make matters worse that corrupt machine has the media on their side–case in point: this video clip by CNN. It is probably true that everything Trump says is “rigged” is, in fact, rigged! but it’s been that way for so many years. changing it is a huge task. thank G-d for Fox News and the likes of Hannity. Trump is fighting an uphill battle, unfortunately. but i wish he would restrain himself from some of the comments that he publicizes and concentrate primarily on Clinton and Obama. The democrats know his weaknesses, they lay out the bait, and he bites…hook line and sinker! perhaps his family ought to guide him as to how to play the game. Ivanka, are you listening?


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