WATCH LIVE, 7:30 PM ET: Thursday Night at the Agudah Convention


Join for a full schedule of programming taking place this weekend at the 95th annual Agudah Convention at the Crowne Plaza Stamford. Exploring the theme of Together We Will, the convention takes a bold look at the many challenges facing klal yisroel today, serving as a springboard for future change and improvement.
Thursday evening concurrent sessions tackles a variety of issues including managing reactions to he growth of our kehillos, looking ahead to the future, maintaining our standards of ruchniyus in today’s distraction-filled world, using business strategies in day-to-day life and identifying the early signs of at-risk behavior.
The Thursday night keynote session featuring Dayan Yonason Abraham, Rabbi Elya Brudny and Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky speaks directly to the Convention theme and includes an audio-video presentation and remarks by convention co-chair Rabbi Dovid Schnell. Post keynote sessions address shidduchim and empathizing with those in pain, in addition to a Q&A session featuring Rabbi Elya Brudny and Rabbi Mordechai Respler.


  1. thank you for live streaming the convention. i had my computer on the highest volume but i can not hear it well. i think the problem is with whomever is live streaming. can you please tell them thanks


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